The Liver Health Clinic

The burden of Liver disease is an increasing in the UK. Many patients with liver disease are not aware that they have it, as in its early stages there often very few symptoms. Liver diseae can occur if:

  • Consume a higher than recommended alcohol consumption
  • You are overweight
  • Have diabetes
  • Suffer from high blood pressure
  • Have been exposed to certain viruses that can cause liver disease

As mentioned above, those with advanced liver disease can become very unwell. However, if identified early enough, even small changes in lifestyle could help reduce the risk of developing significant liver disease.

The Liver Health Clinic offers you the opportunity to see a liver specialist on a one to one basis. The clinic is held once a week in the evening ensuring minimal disruption to professional life. I aim to see patients promptly. I provide a complete assessment of your liver; arrange appropriate investigations such as an ultrasound and blood tests, and offer advice and treatment if needed.
What is involved?

A full assessment including a full history, clinical examination and assessment of your risk of having liver disease is carried out. This often includes a discussion regarding alcohol consumption, weight and other factors for liver disease. Liver blood tests are taken and, if necessary, a liver ultrasound scan will be arranged at your convenience. If further tests are required, these will be arranged, and might include an endoscopy or liver biopsy.